Leveraging FOMO in Your Call to Actions

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Leveraging FOMO in Your Call to Actions

FOMO stands for the Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a powerful motivator that can boost your conversion rate. No one wants to be the only person who misses out on the newest trend. By leveraging this feeling, you can actually improve your conversions or convince more people to follow your call to action. Here are a few different ways you can leverage FOMO in your call to action.

Limit Your Offers

If you’re offering something like a free ebook, limit the number of downloads. You can make this number something very large, of course, so that many people can download the product. You don’t have to tell visitors how many copies are available. Instead, simply state that there are a set number available.

While simply stating that something is “limited” works well for digital products, for physical products, you may actually want to include a specific number. “Click here to buy—there are only 100 available” is a powerful call to action. To push the FOMO even more, you can include a ticker that decreases as products are sold. If someone see that your stock is going down, they may quickly make the purchase so they don’t lose out.

Give a Deadline

Another way of limiting something is to place a deadline on it. “Pre-orders are available until the end of the month” may push people to get their order in as soon as possible. Couple this with a few lines stating that once the deadline is reached, the product will no longer be available anywhere.

Keep Your Word

If you say you only have a limited number of products available or that something is only available for a short time, keep your word. If customers later find out that you have re-released what was supposed to be a one-time product or that you are still making items available long after the deadline, they will lose trust in your brand. You can state that products are limited in the current release wave or that pre-orders will be closed on a specific date and may be re-opened again much later. Whatever you do, keep your word.

Need some tips for using FOMO in calls to action? BlendIM can assist you in crafting the perfect landing pages, calls to action, and more. Contact us today to talk about your website and how to improve your conversion rates.