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How can Microdata can help you in the SERP’s?

Ever wondered how to increase your page value by providing excellent descriptions other than the regular short text descriptions? Here isMicrodata | Rich Snippet Tools | Schema.org | Web Semantics | HTML 5 something to help you build your web page effectively. The latest buzz is the Rich Snippets with the help of more information regarding your web page that can be provided. It makes use of Microdata, RDF or Micro Formats to get along. Information regarding the event time, business location, price range, and much more information can also be styled for the search engines to find. In this ever rolling stream, it is necessary to keep pace, to survive the competition.

Why opt for rich snippets?

  • They provide some additional information regarding the page near the Google search result
  • It gives an instant insight into the web page content of their search
  • These distill information related to particular queries too
  • They provide the users with search related pages so as to increase the CTR (click through rate) of a page
  • They come in handy to the web masters to highlight the site’s content within the SERPs

Utility information about Microdata and how to get started can be found by going to Schema.org which will provide you with quality information for the quick growth of your web page.

Utilizing Schema and Microdata in rich snippets leads to better search results. Browsers, web crawlers or even the search engines can use it to offer a better browsing experience. Microdata is a genuine effort to supply a simpler means to interpret HTML elements. Making use of Microdata simply directs the search engines more effectively to your web site as a result of better understanding the pages of your site with the help of these span tags. Schemas provide a platform for web masters to mark up their web pages as leading web sites make use of this to provide relevant and better search results. Users of Micro Data also get the maximum possible benefit for all their efforts. You wouldn’t find a better place than Schema.org which is a group effort by Yahoo, Google, and Bing to perk up the web. Though the Schema.org page can be helpful to web pages written in any language, at present, it is available only in English.

Aesthetically appealing layouts and the characteristics of playing the gateway to Semantic web is an added advantage here so use it to your advantage for maximizing the exposure of your web site.

To check the accuracy of your Microdata elements, Google has a rich snippet tool for use so you can check and see for yourself how Google interprets your Micro Data.