Optimizing Your Articles For Google BERT

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It is believed that BERT affects 10% of your search queries. So, what is BERT?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) is a neural network-based technique for Natural Language Processing (NLP). In Simple terms, BERT is a technique meant to improve NLP.

By using BERT, Google can better help users find useful answers to their search queries. So, how can you optimize your articles for Google BERT?

Optimizing For BERT

Be as human as possible, be as natural as possible, because there is nothing to optimize. But this does not mean that you cannot use certain strategies to better rank on Google as per the logic behind BERT’s algorithm. These strategies include:

Writing Simple, Short Content

When writing your article, give importance to the quality and the natural human element of the content. BERT will focus on the context of the words inside your article, inside the sentences, and within the body of your content.

Therefore, your role is to write content that is very simple and yet brief. Most people use high school logic to determine if their content is simple. That is, if a high school student can understand your article, then it means you have achieved simplicity.

Other tips you can use include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary words to make the content brief
  • Only including useful information to the reader
  • Being straightforward in your writing

These tactics will make your content more user-friendly to the reader, and the search engines will also understand you better.

Become Visible For A Specific Topic

Instead of ranking for a particular keyword, work on being visible for a specific topic. This means focusing on topic clusters as part of your content strategy. And if you keep using long-tail keywords in your topic clusters, you will eventually become influential. Why? This strategy tells search engines that you are an authority in a particular topic. It also outweighs the traffic you get from a handful of high-traffic keywords.

Make Your Keywords Or Queries Specific

Keep in mind that BERT is about the user. Therefore, it focuses on what the user is looking for in the search query. The more specific you are in your queries, the likelier it will be that your content will provide the answer users want.

Think of your content or article as something that solves the needs of its users. Therefore, when writing, assume the user’s stance and answer the questions or needs they have. The search results the user is expecting to see should be your primary keywords. A good place to look for these keywords are:

  • Related searches
  • People also ask box
  • Google Autocomplete


BERT is all about the user. Therefore, if you focus on the user’s needs, you will most likely rank highly for BERT. With the above strategies in your corner, you will be able to take advantage of BERT. However, there are many other strategies that we can share with you after you contact us.