Why CRO And SEO Work Together

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on conversion, while search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on optimizing the overall user experience.

This means that while CRO works to increase the quality and quantity of your conversions, SEO works to improve the quality and quantity of your organic traffic. Therefore, if you seek an optimal experience, SEO and CRO should work together.

What SEO Is To CRO

Let’s assume that you are working and testing your website with the sole aim of improving your CRO. In most cases, this involves testing the different web pages and making changes that would encourage more users to convert.

Suppose you determine that a change in the landing page content would improve the conversion rate in your testing phase. In that case, the logical thing to do would be to remove any content that seems irrelevant to conversion.

Here is the problem, in most cases, what is relevant for conversion might not be relevant for SEO. Therefore, removing the said content might hurt the traffic to the website, which is made possible through SEO.

So ultimately, you manage to improve conversion, but you hurt your organic traffic. But what is the point of getting successful conversions if you never get to expand your customer pool? This is why CRO needs SEO.

What CRO Is To SEO

The primary purpose of SEO is to increase rank, organic traffic, and organic visibility. So naturally, conversion is not a big concern in SEO. Therefore, an SEO expert will improve the quality and quantity of the traffic they get on a website.

This means more people and high-quality leads will most likely be visiting the website if the SEO is effectively optimized. However, if these high-quality leads do not convert, how will you generate revenue? See, traffic without conversion does not result in a return on investment.

Therefore, for a website to make a healthy return on investment, the organic traffic increase must also see an increase in conversion. This is why SEO needs CRO.

CRO And SEO Work Together

The benefits of CRO and SEO working together are numerous. As we have mentioned, the two promise a higher return on investment since more traffic is followed by more conversion. Besides, an excellent CRO strategy can even give the company consumer retention and lifetime value.

Additionally, CRO and SEO makes the entire search experience more efficient, enhance user experience, and provide improved trust and credibility. This also means that your PPC campaigns get better performance.


CRO and SEO should be a balancing act. None should perform better than the other. Instead, both should be highly efficient for the most effective marketing efforts to succeed. This is one of the keys to digital marketing success. At Blendim, we will answer any questions you may have and show you how you can benefit the most from CRO and SEO. Get ahold of us now!