The 3 Seconds Technique In Social Media Marketing

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Snippets of content are everywhere today, be it from tweets, news, or even memes or stories on social media. As a result, many people spend more time screening or scrolling through content at lightning speed.

This is not good for marketers because they are left with only three seconds to grab the audience’s attention. And you can only do this if you make an impact by standing out. That is why you need a three-second technique to help you grab your audience’s attention and keep it.

First, Prepare Yourself

The first thing you should do is start to map out your end goal, your target audience, and how you plan to reach them.  Then determine the intent of your content. Do you want to make people laugh? Do you want them to visit your online store? Do you want them to subscribe to your channel?

Whatever it is, your intent will drive the language, imagery, tone, social media platform, and music you use to share content. Remember, your audience is picky about what they click or watch. Therefore, the first three seconds of your content must be exceptional.

You want to hook someone in, then tell them what’s coming and why it is important. Here are some tricks you can use to make the first three seconds of your content amazing.

The 3 Seconds Technique

Have An Instagram Worthy Post

Posts that are visually appealing garner more clicks. Therefore, incorporate unique, eye-grabbing, and engaging content or photos to communicate your message. Customize your images instead of using stock images to stand out.

Work On Your Headlines

Statistics show that people read the headlines more than they do posts. In fact, every time you are writing your headline, you have spent 80 cents of your dollar. Besides, it is the headline that coaxes the person to read the post. So, your headline should be as attention-grabbing as possible – avoid clickbait headlines as much as possible.

Make It Personal

Personalization is the key to successful content engagement, and it starts by knowing your target audience and their language. For instance, if you sell baked goods, the best time to post your content would be at 8 or 9 am and probably at 4 or 5 pm– this is when most people are looking for that bagel to have with their morning or evening tea or coffee.


Curating great content is the tact that will provide you with brand awareness, brand recognition, multiple shares, and conversions. Additionally, find ways to make your content as interactive as possible. For instance, Instagram is big on Q&A stories because they are on-trend and garner significant results.

Once you get ahold of one of our marketing experts, they will go over these techniques and answer any questions you may have.