Should You Pay for Facebook Advertising?

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Facebook advertising has a number of benefits to it. You can start a Facebook ad campaign with very little money, and they’re very easy to set up. Facebook also gives you a good amount of control over who you target. However, are these ads really worth it for you? Just because you can create Facebook campaigns quickly and affordably doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your money.

Do You Have the Budget to Really Reach People?

You can spend a few dollars a day on Facebook ads, but does that truly buy you the reach you need? In many cases, it doesn’t. One of the problems with spending very little money on these campaigns is that they don’t give you enough data to truly focus your future campaigns. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t launch a campaign with a small budget if you already know who to target. If you’re an established business and know who your audience is, you may be fine with smaller campaigns.

Look at How Much Your Customers Are Spending

Many people make the mistake of judging their Facebook advertising campaigns by how many new customers they bring it. This can be helpful, but it also often leads to the idea that a campaign is successful when it’s not. You also need to measure how much money these customers are spending with you. If you spend $5 to bring in a customer who only spends $2, your campaign is actually failing. Even if you are bringing in more than your campaign costs, you may be able to use that money more effectively elsewhere.

It Can Increase Your Followers

Here’s another angle to Facebook advertising that you need to keep in mind. Your ad may appear in front of someone who doesn’t buy something right away but decides to follow your page. Later, they may convert to a customer. This isn’t always a guarantee, of course, so you don’t want to weigh new followers the same as new customers. However, increasing your followers can be a goal of a campaign, especially if Facebook is one of your primary ways of interacting with customers.

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