What Are Long Tail Keywords and Why Are They Important?

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What Are Long Tail Keywords and Why Are They Important?

If you know anything about SEO, you have likely heard the term “long tail keyword.” Even if you’re not an SEO expert, you may have stumbled across this term and wondered exactly what it meant. The only difference between standard keywords and long tail keywords is their length. Long tail keywords are generally very specific, which means they include several more words. For example “plumber” is a keyword while something like “plumber in Lincoln Nebraska” would be considered a long tail keyword because it’s very specific.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

The reason why long tail keywords are so important in your SEO is because you are likely to get more conversions off of these terms than your standard keywords. Your shorter keywords will get you in more search results, which means they may bring more traffic to your site. However, because they’re so general, many of these visitors will discover that what you offer isn’t exactly what they need, so they will not convert into customers.

With long tail keywords, the visitors they bring in are typically those who are looking specifically for what you have. For services, they’re looking for experts in your area. For products, they want a very specific item that you offer. Your long tail keywords will match these specific queries, and the visitors they bring in will be much more interested in what you have to offer.

You’ll Rank Higher in Results

It’s easier to rank at the top of a page for long tail keywords than it is for general keywords because you have less competition. In the plumber example, there are thousands of plumbers across the U.S., and you’re competing with all of them for ranking on the keyword “plumber.” However, there are far, far fewer plumbers in Lincoln, Nebraska. The long tail keyword “plumber in Lincoln Nebraska” will have less competition, so you can easily rank higher.

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