What Is the Conversion Funnel?

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What Is the Conversion Funnel?

The conversion funnel is a diagram that is used to illustrate how leads are converted into paying customers. Like a standard kitchen funnel, the top part of the conversion funnel is wider than the bottom, and it narrows as you move down through the steps. All marketing campaigns continuously work through this funnel, moving leads down through it until they become customers. Let’s take a look at the four stages of conversion represented by the funnel.

Stage 1: Awareness

The widest part of the funnel brings in the largest number of leads, but not all of them will convert. These are simply the people who have become aware of your brand and are interested in seeing what you’re about. They clicked on your PPC ad, saw you on social media, or found you in a search. Some will abandon the funnel because they weren’t looking for what you provide. Others, however, will move onward to explore your website.

Stage 2: Interest

Those who continue down the funnel are interested in what you offer. They find your content engaging and want to learn more. This is where your content is absolutely vital. If someone isn’t engaged, they will leave your site. The longer someone is on your website, the more interest they have and the more likely they convert. One way of judging interest is to ask visitors to join a mailing list. Those who do want to know more.

Stage 3: Desire

As leads learn more about your product, their interest will either increase or decrease. Those who lose interest leave, but those who continue to learn more will begin to want or desire your product. They will begin to see why it would be useful to them and learn how they will benefit from it. This may not happen right away. You may need to send several emails that explain your products or services in more detail and highlight their benefits.

Stage 4: Action

The final stage of the conversion funnel is when a lead takes action. Typically, this means buying something or hiring your company. This is where they go from a potential customer to a full paying customer. While the majority of those who enter the funnel will not make it this far, you should have a good number converting. If you don’t, it may be time to revise your marketing plans.

That’s where BlendIM comes in. We will help you optimize your conversions so your funnel is bringing you a good number of new customers every day.