Why Include Negative Keywords in Your PPC Ads

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Why Include Negative Keywords in Your PPC Ads

Negative keywords are useful in PPC ads because they allow you to exclude specific words or phrases. This means if someone enters one of your negative keywords in a search, your ad will not appear, even if what they searched for is similar to some of your other keywords. For example, if you sell a specific brand of product, you could use negative keywords to prevent your ad from being shown to someone searching for another type of brand. There are a number of reasons why you should include negative keywords in your PPC ads

You Save Money

You’re charged a fee whenever someone clicks on your PPC ad. If someone is searching for something that is not related to your website, they may still click on your ad if it comes up. However, they will abandon your page without buying anything once it becomes clear you don’t offer what they want. Why pay for that? Negative keywords will help ensure that your ad isn’t shown to people who are not likely to convert into paying customers.

You’ll Improve Your Conversion Rate

Since you’re eliminating people who are looking for things you don’t offer, your conversion rate will increase. This means your overall profits will go up, too, since your ads will be served to your target audience.

Focus Your Own Campaigns

It may seem odd, but there may be times when you want to really focus on a specific product or service you offer to the exclusion of others. For example, say that you’re a store that offers Product A and Product B. You decide to add Product C and are interested in seeing how many new customers this brings in. You can do a PPC campaign that uses negative keywords on Products A and B so that the only people who see that ad are those looking for your new Product C. Now you have a good idea of how much your sales increased due to that product.

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