Getting the Most Out of Pinterest

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Getting the Most Out of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that many businesses, even large ones, don’t fully take advantage of. That’s because Pinterest is so different from Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. It’s all about photos and linking those photos to websites. You can add captions, but often, people are only looking at the images. If you’re not certain how to really use Pinterest, here are a few tips to get the most out of this site.

Create Multiple Boards

While it may be tempting to pin everything to one board, making multiple boards allows you to better focus each one. You may have a board for your products, one for links to your blog, and one for images of equipment you use. Think about the purpose of each board and pin to the appropriate one.

Use Secret Boards

If you want to pin items for yourself, make a secret board. These secret boards are a great place for you to collect things you find amusing or interesting but aren’t related to your business. This way, these off-brand pins don’t muddle your focus or the message you’re sending.

Create or Join Group Boards

Group boards are shared boards that multiple accounts can pin items to. It’s a good way to reach a wider audience, but you do want to make certain the group boards you join are related to your brand. You also want to make certain you share good quality content with these boards in order to attract people. Look at how many people contribute to a group board before joining it. If there are hundreds or more, your pins may get lost among everything else.

Don’t Forget to Repin

Repinning content others have pinned is Pinterest’s version of sharing or retweeting. This can be very effective for sharing meaningful content with your followers. There are a number of infographics and other excellent pieces of content on Pinterest. Find the ones that relate to your business, industry, and products to pin to your own boards. This may also help get the attention of the original user and result in them repining some of your items.

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