Important Meta Tags Every Webpage Needs

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Important Meta Tags Every Webpage Needs

Meta tags are descriptors that are included in the coding of every webpage. These HTML tags help tell search engines what the page is about, which means they are absolutely vital for SEO. If you don’t have the right meta tags, you’re not going to show up in the right searches, which means you won’t have many potential customers visiting your website. If you’re not familiar with meta tags, here are some of the most important ones you need to make certain you’re using.

The Title Tag

Your title tag is perhaps the most important tag for a webpage. It’s what appears as the link on a search engine results page, so you want to make certain it perfectly describes what the page is about. If it’s on a product page, the title needs to include the product name and other important descriptors. If it’s on your home page, it should include the name of your business. For blogs, the title is typically the title of the blog. Regardless of what the page is, its title tag needs to be a one-line clear description of what the page’s contents are.

The Description Tag

The next tag that you need to have is the description tag. This short description is typically what appears on a search engine page under the title. It’s a little longer and gives you space to expand on the description for potential visitors. You want this description to read like a natural sentence, but you also want to work in a few keywords if you can. Don’t repeat the title, either, since both will appear.

Image Alt Tags

If your images don’t load correctly, the visitor to your page may have no idea what they’re supposed to be seeing. A search engine is also incapable of understanding what a picture is. That’s why image alt tags are so important. These text tags appear if the image doesn’t load correctly, so the visitor at least knows what the photo should have shown. This also tells the search engine what your photos are, helping it understand the relevance of the photos and of the page overall.

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