The User Experience and CRO

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The User Experience and CRO

When you’re working on improving your website’s conversion rate, one of the key factors you need to look at is the user experience or UX. Your UX can have a major impact on your site’s CRO, especially if you have a large eCommerce site. Let’s take a look at how these two things are connected and how your UX can impact your CRO.

What Makes up the User Experience?

The user’s experience on your website is essentially everything they experience from the moment they load your site. In more precise terms, though, it’s also about their motivation and what they want to get from visiting your site. For example, if they are there to shop, they want to experience an easy-to-understand process from browsing to adding items to their cart to checking out. If that process goes smoothly, they won’t even notice it. If it doesn’t, however, they certainly will. If the experience is bad enough, they may even leave your website.

The UX and Conversion

If your users have a horrible experience on your website, the chances of them converting into paying customers is much, much lower than what it would be otherwise. This seems like basic information, but often, website developers don’t fully see where the UX breaks down. This is especially true if the shopping cart process works as intended.

However, your UX could have other issues that aren’t as readily apparent. Pages may load very slowly on less-than-optimal internet connections, or your site may not display correctly on mobile. Whatever the issue is, you need to begin the process of finding the problem and fixing it.

How to Improve your UX to Improve your CRO

Your CRO is essentially the answer to “how is your website performing?” while your UX is the answer to the question of “why is this happening?” If your users aren’t having a pleasant experience on your website, it may not matter what you’re selling or what your prices are. They’re going to go elsewhere. You need to walk through your entire website looking at it as a customer. In fact, you may want to bring in several outside quality assurance consultants to do this and provide detailed feedback.

With this feedback, you can adjust your UX to improve your overall conversion. If you need someone to assist you in this, BlendIM is here to help. Our team can assist you in determining where your UX needs improvement to boost your conversions.