The Different Types of PPC Ads

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The Different Types of PPC Ads

If you’re looking to create new PPC ads for your online marketing campaign, it’s important that you make use of the right type of ad. There are different types of PPC ads, and each has its own place in marketing. If you use the wrong type of ad, you may find that you don’t see the conversions you were hoping for. Here are some of the most common PPC ads.

Search Ads

These are the basic and most common type of PPC ad. They appear on search result pages at the top, bottom, or both. On Google, they have a small icon next to them that indicates the link is a paid ad. Search ads contain text only and are displayed when the keywords connected to the ad closely match what the user searched for. Since these ads often appear before other results, they can quickly increase the number of people visiting your website.

Display Ads

Want to reach potential customers outside of search engines? Display ads are often the way to go. You’ve likely seen these ads before—they appear on websites that have partnered with Google. You see these ads, which can include text and photos, on the side or even in the middle of content. Like search ads, these ads are targeted to specific people, in this case those who are visiting websites related to your company. These ads work well for companies trying to build their brand up and reach more people.

Google Shopping Ads

If you sell products, you may want to consider a Google Shopping ad. These ds appear when someone does a search on Google and clicks on the Shopping tab. Your ad will appear next to several others in a box. It will include a picture of the product, a link to the website, the price, and the average review, discount information, or other information the potential buyer may find useful. It’s like window shopping online, and it can get your products in front of many more people than other types of ads.

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