SEO Tips to Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

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SEO Tips to Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

Do you want more traffic to your blog? Many business owners, especially small business owners, create blogs as a way of bringing more traffic to their website. However, without utilizing SEO, your blogs may not get read that often. If your blog isn’t bringing in the traffic you want, here are a few tips to help improve its SEO and get your posts ranked in more searches.

Start with a Good Title

When you start writing a blog post, you likely have a general topic in mind. However, if you simply write without really thinking about what information you want to convey or what question you want to answer, you may find that you go off-topic or include unnecessary information. You can start defining your blog post by the title. Creating a title that is a question will give your entire post a purpose (answer that question) or using a title such as “X tips for…” defines the structure of your post. Creating a good title will help you keep on topic and make your post more informative and useful.

Break Up Text with Headings and Lists

Giant blocks of text can be difficult to read, especially on mobile devices. Make use of headings to break up text and let the reader know what the following section will focus on. Lists are another great way of creating bite-size, easy to digest content.

Don’t Worry About Keywords

While keywords are important, and you will want to have a few of them scattered throughout your blog, don’t focus on them while you’re writing. Doing so can make your text feel very unnatural. In fact, you’ll likely find that you will naturally work in the keywords you want to use as you write. If you don’t, go back in after you finish the post and find places where they fit.

You want your blog posts to speak to your human readers, not necessarily a search engine. Place a few keywords in your headers, make certain you use them in metadata, and sprinkle a few through the text. Try to use varied keywords, too. Synonyms and related phrases work just as well, and they signal to Google that you are writing for your human audience, not a search engine.

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