Capturing Gen Z Audience – Content Writing in 2021

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You would need to be either a Boomer or a Millennial to own a business today. This means you can target people from your own time and age with all the right marketing tactics, but not those who came after you – Generation Z.

Often referred to as Zoomers, Generation Z is considered to have been born between 1997 till 2015. This makes Zoomers aged from 6 till 24 in 2021. Mainly, only those aged between 21 and ahead are employed. Should you be selling a product or service targeting Zoomers, this age bracket is what you need to focus on. However, unemployed Zoomers will soon earn money of their own, too, and you need to present your brands so that they can recall them when need be.

This microblog will let loose some tips on capturing the Gen Z Audience with content writing.

Eye-Catching Visual Content

A majority of Zoomers prefer using Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok as their social media. All three of these platforms require visuals. Brands need to stand out. You need to make sure your visuals are appealing and colorful in the sense that they attract Zoomers. This, of course, involves as-little-as-possible content.

Using Interactive Content

If you do not know much about your future buyers, use content writing as a tool to find out about them. With the help of interactive content, make sure you get your future customers to speak their minds. Get to know them and learn their likes and dislikes.

Touring in the Past

Nothing gets Zoomers as anxious as FOMO. Tap into this and take them on a digital journey through time. Your Zoomers will be interested to know how you tell the tale of recent-only times but those where they were not present. Use references from old movies to get the piqued up. Interact and engage with them. See if they can find any connections with their time.

Put your Sense of Humor on the Table

Zoomers love comedy, more so than any generation before them. Using this, make sure you present the comical side of your brand, too. You do not need to go completely bonkers with comedy. Whatever you come up with needs to be in alignment with your brand tone. If comedy is not something you can incorporate in your marketing because of the nature of products you sell, try aiming at it light-heartedly.

It should still be enough.

Want to write the kind of content Generation Z deserves? Need some help getting started? Let us be the guiding light in your endeavor! Reach out to us.