Common Reasons Why Visitors Don’t Trust Your Website

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Website design and function is constantly evolving, and your business website has to be updated and improved upon regularly in order to keep up with the competition. Here are some reasons why people who arrive at your site bounce off as well as some tips on what to change to make them stay awhile and give you business.

The design is old

It really doesn’t matter if your website checks the other boxes that comprise your standard “best practices for a great website” list, if the design isn’t up to date people will click out of your site Your copy may be compelling and beautifully written, but if the design is poor quality, people will not stay on your site long enough to read and engage.

Why? If your website looks outdated, people won’t trust you or your business. Outdated or stagnant (rarely updated) websites will pretty much negate the expertise you have worked so hard to establish.

A study by Dr. Elizabeth Sillence found that 94% of study participants attributed their uneasiness or distrust of a website to its design.

Hard to read text

No one wants to read text that sits on a garish background, or scroll through a website chock full of the forbidden Comic Sans font. Like we mentioned design above, the font used throughout a website significantly affects its ease of readability. Trusty serif and sans serif fonts are best when it comes to a clean looking website.

The menu bar doesn’t feature clear navigation

If you go to a website and have trouble finding the contact information for the salon you wanted you had planned to schedule an appointment with, you might very well move on to the next website. In today’s ridiculously fast-paced world, if someone has to spend a couple of extra seconds spent looking for information it may as well as ‘game over’ for the business that website represents.

Make your navigation simple- no need to dress it up in hopes of engaging visitors. The more simple the better. No one should have to wade through various pages of your site looking for a phone number or other important and specific information.

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