Local SEO and How It Can Help Your Small Business

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Optimizing your business website for local search is a must in today’s world of instant gratification and “to the tenth” of a mile accuracy when it comes to local online business searches, maps and other things. Owners of local businesses that have a physical location need to pay attention to search engine optimization and utilize this marketing tool to its full potential- the success of the business may very well depend on it.

First: It’s important to decide which specific geographic area you would like to target for your business website. For those with a physical address and location, the answer is usually to target the county, city or towns in which your business is located and the surrounded by.

The SEO experts at Liquori Co have tons of experience optimizing business websites so the local people looking for the specific product or service you offer via a search engine like Google or Bing can find it more easily, preferably in the first spot, that coveted top slot on the results pages. Our SEO experts can optimize your site and its content, raising your online visibility and with it, your bottom line.

Many, many years ago, all people had to go on when it came to looking for a product or service in their area were the yellow pages. If you needed a plumber, you flipped through the big yellow book, found the plumbing category and picked a place with a nearby address.

Obviously, things have changed- a lot. According to the Shopify website, there are more than 125 million US consumers with smartphones, which they use to access local information on the go or from their couch.

If you want to get Chinese food for dinner one night, you would grab your phone, tablet or computer and type in “Chinese food” followed by your city.

MOZ Local reports that 4 billion internet queries entered from desktop computers in the US are searching for local information. In addition, more than 50-percent of people searching for information, products and services on their mobile phones have local intent. It also reported that there are approximately 7 billion local searches entered on Google in the US every month.

Want to stand out among the competitors in your area? Contact Liquori Co at 877-659-8498 to discuss how we can help search engines recognize your website, so you can begin enjoying the benefits of an increased customer base and more online visibility through web optimization.