The Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

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Small business owners may think they can do it all, including social media, but many grossly underestimate the time and knowledge it takes to effectively engage an online audience. Becoming, and staying, active on social media can help a business establish its brand and improve awareness about their products and services, as well as increase its search engine authority. This all allows the website to become more recognizable to sites like Google and Bing, helping improve its SEO. Don’t forget about overall business boosters like customer loyalty!

If you’re questioning the value social media can provide, take a look at these statistics: 65% of small business owners were more likely than others to generate leads if they participated in one or several social media platforms; 45% of small businesses active on social indicated an increase in sales. These numbers reflect the greater findings of most studies relating to the results small business marketers experience when utilizing social media.

These results don’t come without work though: if you want to see a difference in your numbers, you need an expert to take on the task. The digital marketing specialists at Liquori Co can help drive traffic to your website and increase your sales through social media marketing (SMM) and a variety of digital optimization and marketing methods. Our experts are highly skilled in all aspects of Information Technology and Internet Marketing.

Social media allow a business to show its audience, potential customers and current customers what it provides without sounding like a corporate robot- social turns a company from an “it” to a “they” because it gives the small business owner or the internet marketer they hire the ability to inject personality into posts.

People want to buy things that people talk about, not what is thrown at them in the form of advertisements. They want to interact and know more about the business, which is where the even bigger benefits of social media come in: you can engage them right back. It’s not enough to post on your facebook page from time to time and not log back on- you need a social media expert to engage with your audience and show them the person behind the business.

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