Do Multiple Landing Pages Improve Conversion?

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If you have a website, you may have heard that you need to have multiple landing pages that lead to it. These landing pages are designed to improve conversion and bring customers in. They’re typically the first page a customer loads or “lands on” when they come to your website, hence the term landing page. Bu how many landing pages do you need, and do they really help improve conversion?

Studies Show Landing Pages Do Improve Conversion

According to a number of studies, having multiple landing pages will lead to more conversions. Ten pages can improve your conversions by over 50%, while having as many as 40 or more can see increases of 400 or 500% over websites that only have a handful of landing pages. However, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a “more is always better” situation. If you have a fairly small website or a website focused on a niche market, you may begin to see diminishing returns at some point. When that occurs, the amount of time you put into further landing pages may not be worth the investment.

Multiple Landing Pages Can Target Different Keywords and Customer Bases

The reason why having more landing pages typically results in more conversions is that each page can target a different audience or use different conversion methods. For example, if you’re a local business that serves a number of nearby cities, you would want a landing page for each city. A florist in Dallas, Texas, for example, would want to have a landing page optimized for a florist in Dallas and another optimized for a florist in Irving, Texas (a suburb of Dallas).

You can also create landing pages for different products or for customers seeking different things. The florist in the example might have a landing page for celebrating anniversaries and another for offering condolences, both of which would link to their arrangements for those occasions.

Need Help?

Creating and perfecting landing pages isn’t always easy, but that’s why BlendIM is here. We can help you create the perfect landing pages for your keywords, products, and more. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.