How do Google Featured Snippets Work?

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As the name suggests, Google Featured Snippets are small chunks of information present above the search results. These snippets have the sole purpose of giving a direct and quick answer to the user. The user sometimes gets the relevant information from a Google Featured Snippet without opening a distinct article and browsing for the desired information. This saves much time and hassle.

Since these snippets are directly accessible by the user without having to click on the long list of links, they are also referred to as Position Zero (P0). Using this terminology, the websites gain a position number according to which their content is displayed to the viewer. For instance, a website with high traffic may acquire the first position, whereas a new website with little traffic may be in the last place on the search engine.

Using the Google Snippet feature, if a user clicks on the link in the snippet, they will be instantly directed to that certain information on the website. A user does not have to look aimlessly for data and can find the relevant content through this feature.

How does it Work?

Based on how frequently a viewer is visiting a particular website in search of relevant information, the automated system of Google chooses the featured snippets.

Websites using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can gain a massive benefit by aiming to be listed in the Google Featured Snippets. This feature is an extremely useful way of getting more visits to the website through organic search results. These organic search results are clicks on a particular website independent of any paid advertising. This implies that the users prefer a specific website as their trusted source of knowledge. Through the relevance and quality of content, websites get more organic clicks and are featured as Google Snippets.

Another way of evaluating these websites is on the basis of no-click searches. These searches are recorded when users do not have to click on any website to find their desired information. Instead, they find their answer through the section of information present in the Google Snippets. Moreover, these snippets are constructed based on their relevance to the keywords that the users type in the search engine to find a particular piece of knowledge.