How do Google Ads Work?

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Google Ads, a virtual marketing strategy where people and businesses worldwide are connected through a single platform named Google. Using Google Ads, companies are free to choose the marketing type they wish to adhere to, according to their target audience and budget. This makes things much easier for them.

You may have heard of the term pay-per-click advertising, and Google Ads works on the basic principle of pay-per-click, in which the advertisers only pay for every click by the user on the ad. To ensure the best experience, Google also evaluates the quality of the ads by calculating how long a user browses on the advertised link.

The advertised content is visible for the viewers, displayed by the small ad sign on the left side of the link. After viewing the subject line, if the user finds relevant information in the advertised connection, they will click on the given link. This unique click will be recorded by the automated system of Google and thus sent to the advertiser.

Ad Ranking

As far as ads are concerned on the browser, there is not just one ad for every search. This is decided by the ad ranking system of Google, which allows individual advertisers to participate in an auction. The auction is designed on two variables; the amount an advertiser is willing to pay for each click and the quality of the content being advertised.

The quality of every advertised content should be accurate to the extent that the automated survey of Google can detect it and, therefore, rank your ad at the highest position. The relevancy of the content and the information engagement are thoroughly evaluated before putting these ads on the highest rank.

How to Get the Highest Ad Ranking

  • Ensure that your ad is particular and relevant. The website you want to direct the user to should be detailed so that the user can fully benefit from the link. For instance, if you are advertising a clothing company based in the US, make sure that you include ‘clothing’ and ‘US’ in the keywords to show your ad to your specified audience.

Use multiple areas. While qualifying for ads on the search engine works great, you should also opt for Google Ads on particular and relevant websites to boost engagement.