Platforms Where Hashtags Really Boost Viewership

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Researching hashtags is quite similar to researching keywords. As a social media marketer, you need to use hashtags with all your marketing copy. However, some social media platforms bring you better results than others upon using hashtags. Connecting with your audience, creating inciteful conversations, and offering value becomes easier with hashtags.

We will walk you through the social media platforms where hashtags really boost viewership.


The first platform that undoubtedly came to your mind must be Twitter. Rightly so! A tweet, according to these people, with just a single hashtag, reaches about ninety interactions. However, if you overload your tweet with hashtags, you will notice a decline in engagement. The best way to get the right people to engage or view your tweet is to use location-specific hashtags.

Another good thing about hashtags on Twitter is that when one is being used enough, 1350 tweets per minute, it will trend!


Nothing captured the millennial and gen Z markets like Instagram. The now Facebook-owned platform has over a billion users. Instagram marketing has gone beyond appealing visuals and being heard through the noise. You need to get technical. Sure, hashtags worked like magic on Instagram before. But with too much competition, hashtag strategies need to be put in place.

Be relevant with your hashtags, and whatever you do, do not go for the old #Like4Like and #FollowMe, as it will impact your credibility.


If there is anything after Twitter and Instagram where Hashtags boost viewership, it is Facebook. Since this is Facebook, the way hashtags are used here is different. Most people do not browse through hashtags but do use them. You will notice campaign hashtags like #ShareACoke and the Ice Bucket Challenge. While there is no set rule, but people have learned to associate these campaign hashtags with Facebook.

Hashtags on Facebook work best for brand awareness.


Not known much for hashtags, LinkedIn is the ultimate professional network, from employment to employees; it has something for everyone. How do hashtags work on LinkedIn? Same as they do on any other network. However, not more than five is the recommended balance here. Also, like Instagram, you can follow hashtags on LinkedIn. So, if there is a particular company that you want to work at, you could follow their hashtags or follow #hiring for vacancies.

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