PPC Strategies and Trends for 2021

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As with any year, 2021 will bring with it some new strategies and trends for PPC marketing. If you’re prepared for these changes, you can get a jump on them. Unlike some years, where the changes tend to be fairly small, the global pandemic is certain to cause some major shifts in marketing, especially online marketing. Here are a few of the trends you can look forward to in 2021.

Transparency Is Vanishing

One unfortunate trend that Google Ads has been following for several years now is that they are becoming less transparent. Data access is more limited, which makes it harder to make fully informed decisions for your PPC ads. You may have to get used to making decisions based in limited or imperfect data. It’s not what anyone would prefer, but it is likely to become more of the norm in 2021.

Automation Will Continue

While some people are against automating more of the marketing process because it does typically mean having less control, it’s going to happen. This means you may have to change how you approach PPC, but remember, your goal is to get more conversions. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you get there. Automation may mean you have less control over the details of your campaign, but it doesn’t mean those campaigns won’t be effective. Adapt, learn how to make full use out of automated PPC systems, and move your marketing strategies forward. As a nice benefit, automation often reduces the amount of time required to launch and manage campaigns, so you may be able to actually achieve more.

It’s More About the Big Picture

Because automation will handle many of the smaller details, overall the trend in PPC marketing will be to look at the big picture. Results, again, are what’s important. You want to look at what you want to get out of your campaigns and focus on that rather than getting bogged down in the small details. Look at your campaign’s structure, the channels you’re using, and your audience, and use that information to drive your marketing in 2021.

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