Why Sharing Posts Is Important

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In addition to creating your own posts on social media, most platforms allow you to share posts other people have posted. Sharing other people’s posts should be a key part of your social media strategy for a number of different reasons. Here is why sharing posts is important.

It Provides Supplemental Content

The first reason may seem on the selfish side, but sharing other people’s posts means you don’t have to generate as much content. Posting something new regularly can become challenging, especially as you exhaust much of the obvious content such as your products or company history. Sharing content others produce, as long as it’s high quality, helps reduce the need to generate as much content.

It Can Build Partnerships

Other companies and individuals will see when you share their content. This can put you on their radar and could even lead to partnerships over time. Even if it doesn’t, these other content creators may start sharing some of your original posts or recommending you to their followers.

It Adds Value to Your Content

If all of your content is about your company, products, etc., some of your followers may become tired of it. Sharing other content, especially if it’s diverse content, gives more value to following your page. You may find that your engagement increases or that you even gain new followers. Sharing other content also helps build up trust. Followers see that you want them to fully understand your industry or specific topics even if that understanding comes from someone else.

What Content Should You Share?

Of course, the biggest question you may ask is what content should you share? You do want to be discerning when sharing posts. You want to make certain the content is high-quality, from a trusted source, and isn’t going to point customers to your competitors. Anything from a well-known publication is typically worth sharing, as is information from an industry leader or expert who isn’t in direct competition with you. Companies that are in adjacent industries can also provide good content. For example, if you’re a construction company, you could share a post from a heavy machinery company about a new piece of equipment you’re planning on purchasing.

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