The Dangers of Posting Too Much

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The Dangers of Posting Too Much

When it comes to posting on social media, you may assume that too much is better than too little. You may not even think that there can be such a thing as posting too much. However, posting too much can be an issue, and it can even lead to losing followers and engagement. Here are some of the dangers of posting too much on social media.

Your Followers Are Overwhelmed

People follow you because they’re interested in your products, services, and insights you share about your industry. However, you’re not the only company or individual they follow. If you start posting so much that your followers start to feel like you’re overwhelming their timeline and pushing down posts they want to see, they will unfollow you.

You’ll get a Reputation for Spamming

Along those same lines, if you post so much that your followers get tired of seeing your posts, you will get a reputation for spamming. People may unfollow you on every social media platform, even the ones you haven’t posted a lot on, just because they feel like you could spam posts at any moment. They’re also less likely to share posts or encourage friends to follow your page.

You Run Out of Content

Planning out social media content is easy in the beginning. There’s a lot you want to share. However, after several years of regular posting, you may start to find that it’s not easy to craft posts as it once was. You may also notice that you’re repeating yourself. Posting too much will burn through all of the obvious content and, depending on your industry, may leave you without much new content to share.

How Much is Too Much?

So the biggest question, then, is how much is too much? It does depend on the platform. For example, you need to limit your posts on Facebook to two a day at most. If you’re posting more than five or six times a day to Facebook, you’re likely overwhelming your followers. There are some exceptions, such as if you offer a service that is having interruptions and need to keep your followers updated, but typically, keep your posts to one or two a day. The same is true for Instagram. You can post more on Twitter, of course, since posts are shorter. Do try to keep it to no more than five a day, though.

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