These Unconventional CRO Tactics Increase Revenue

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Understanding CRO can be a difficult concept to understand. It can also be challenging to develop great interactions that produce regular solutions. Having so much invested makes having the desired solutions essential for a business website.

When we fail at converting a customer, there will be a considerable amount of money lost. However, if you have a few CRO tactics up your sleeve, your revenue will increase dramatically. With that said, below are 3 CRO tactics to use that will increase your revenue.

1. Develop Reality Experiences that are Augmented

Having the ability to persuade a customer to buy from your website is not always easy. But using augmented reality will allow products to be experienced from home. Many brands will implement calls to action and a description of the product.

To achieve the results, you need to consider yourself as the customer. Your interest needs to be sparked in order to buy. So no matter what you are experiencing, there will be times when you have to have something.

No matter what augmented reality it is, your low amount of revenue needs to improve, and this tactic will surely assist in that. The only thing to keep in mind is the amount of investment you need to make before you get started. But, this should not be an issue as you will be able to make an excellent return through the conversions you make.

2. Improve Focus on Micro-Conversion

A great tool to use for conversions is the Google Tag Manager. Although it is underused, it is able to increase conversions and allow you to take advantage of refocusing your micro-conversions.

The thing about micro-conversions is that they are small pieces of a larger goal towards your conversions.

3. Create Personalized Videos

By implementing video, you are able to take advantage of many new creative ways to get your point across.

If any pop-ups have come up that encourage you to buy, you will likely experience results, and you should be using this strategy too. It will help you develop a personalized experience, which can produce a higher amount of value. So by incorporating emotion in your marketing, you are taking a critical step toward gaining a conversion.

You can have a developer come in or include a plugin to get started. Ensure that your developer is aware that you want to have hover state videos. These video types are what will make the experience you desire.


In order for your marketing strategy to be a complete success, the implementation of the above three tactics must be used. If you need more assistance on how the tactics can benefit you the most, you should get in touch with us today.