Use Internet Marketing to Attract and Retain Customers

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As the number of mobile internet searches continues to skyrocket to surpass desktop and even inching above tablet searches, it’s becoming more important for web and content developers to produce high-functioning, high-speed, highly-useful websites and content.

When it comes to webpages, people give the internet and/or the website an average of three seconds to load– before they “give up” and close out of the page, browser or social media channel. True, their internet provider might just be slow that day, but as a general rule, the faster your website (and all its pages) loads, the better chance you have to capture-and keep- the audience of potential customers, clients and readers.

As a small business with an online presence, it’s not just as simple as getting people to your site, it’s also about keeping them there…which hopefully leads to them purchasing something, keeping your business thriving.

Online visibility isn’t just about your website though. Does your business have dedicated pages on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Social media isn’t a one size fits all approach though, since not every business appeals to all general audiences. People skim through social media feeds even faster than they glance at a webpage, so attracted eyeballs to you social content is necessary in today’s overpopulated internet space.

Setting up profiles on the appropriate social media networks has the ability to make a brand more well known in a unique way that is far more interactive than traditional advertisements. It gives the public, whom you could reach through targeted facebook ads geared toward particular audiences, a better grasp of what products and services you offer. Boosting brand awareness in turn helps your website build its online authority, allowing the website to become more attractive to search engines, improving SEO.

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