Using Social Media to Build Website Traffic

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Social media and SEO used to be totally separate entities, and they still technically are. The digital world is becoming smaller and smaller in terms of everything being interconnected — and yet there are more digital platforms emerging every day, further crowding the digital space — forcing you- your business- to become more efficient in its messaging in order to be heard.

Building traffic to your business website is impossible without good content, but you have to know what goes into producing good content. “Good” to you doesn’t necessarily mean “good” to Google. You may be a wonderful writer and be able to express yourself and your business’s message loud and clear, but some tweaks are needed to shine in the digital realm and become visible to Google.

When you are a small business owner, it is imperative to spend your time growing building your business and concentrating on the countless things entrepreneurs are tasked with every day.

Here are some quick social media tips the digital content and internet technology experts at Liquori Co have learned throughout their extensive experience working on websites that we will share with you in order to help get you started.

Link from your website to your social media profiles and vice versa.

This means you need icons that link to your social media channels in a highly visible place on your website.

Send your social media followers to your website

Whether you link to your product page, your “About” page or some other page on your site, you are sending people who are interested to your site — and hopefully capturing their business. Why? These links help Google and other search engines understand what websites are credible and which websites should be ranked for what keyword phrases.

Keep your social media posts short.

No one scrolling through their feeds wants to sift through tons of text to get to the point. Instead, hook them with a clever line, and link to your site so they can peruse as they wish.

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If you are a business owner who wants a well-designed website that captures Google’s attention and consistently builds site traffic, the experts at Liquori Co can help. Hire our experts to take charge of your company’s Internet marketing initiatives to give yourself the time to focus on your other responsibilities as a business owner.