Widespread Smartphone Use Demands Mobile-Friendly Sites

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In March of 2015 we discussed Google’s algorithm update that impacted the search algorithm for smartphones. The 7-percent of Americans who own a smartphone use it multiple times throughout the day. Smartphones have allowed people to access the internet almost anytime and anywhere, for any reason! Because they are mobile by nature, smartphones enable internet access in the car, at work, waiting in line at the grocery store or in any other imaginable situation.

Even though some smartphone users also have access to a desktop computer or a laptop, “smartphones are often the primary vehicle for this “on the go” access,” according to a 2015 Pew Research Center study on U.S. Smartphone Use.

Smartphones are used in a wide variety of situations that we encounter in everyday life, anything from researching a potential health issue to finding local product and service providers.

It comes as no surprise that smartphone ownership is particularly popular among younger Americans, but that’s not the only group in which smartphone use is more prevalent- smartphone use is also more likely among those earning a relatively high income and or with a higher level of education.

It is because of this ubiquitous use of smartphones that Google addressed the trend and changed its algorithm. In order to provide better service to users, Google’s algorithm adjustment has led to an increased number of mobile-friendly websites showing up in search results when someone enters a search query.

Mobile search results were impacted, as mobile-friendliness is now considered a ranking signal in the eyes of Google spiders. The days where mobile users would get non-mobile-friendly results given back to them on a search query are pretty much over. It’s now more likely that users will get search results that are optimized for their devices, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or some other device.

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