New Trends in Social Media Marketing

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The world of social media is in continuous development, and usually it’s not very gradual either.
It’s tough to stay on top of all of the constant changes and emerging platforms. Trends within each platform are in constant motion as well. Small business owners often let social media marketing slide so that they have time for what they deem are more important things. While growing your business is done in many ways with and without a computer, phone or tablet, in today’s day and age social media is all but essential to developing business.

This type of marketing allows businesses to reach their target audiences and even build on that, reaching even more people and pulling in more customers who happen to catch a post on Instagram or a tweet on Twitter. Liquori Co can help you establish and build a presence on social media and develop a strategy that will establish your online brand and increase online authority.

One of the most popular social media mediums that media, businesses and public figures are using to connect with their audiences is live video, like Facebook live. Video content in general is increasing because of its extremely personable nature, and when live, it’s even more engaging. Live-streaming video will continue its upward journey, as well regular video, allowing easier means of communications across the world, making the world smaller by connecting more people and larger by enabling people to see things they would never have the opportunity to.

Videos automatically playing in newsfeeds, Facebook’s instant articles eliminating the need to be redirected to the posting profile’s page or website, and other instant gratification-type features are pulling users’ attention every which way. Brands want you to notice them, but it has also become increasingly more difficult to stand out above the noise.

We have years of experience analyzing and strategizing social media content and campaigns, and can help your business get noticed, bumping up that bottom line. Contact at 877-659-8498 to discuss how we can help you with social media, so you can stick to your main priorities and leave the internet marketing to the experts.