The Ultimate
Step by Step
Lifestyle Travel Hack Guide.

Best Lifestyle Hotel and Car Rental Travel Hacks

Depending on the industry you’re in, you may travel more than the normal consumer. However, if your job involves no business travel whatsoever and you just like to travel leisurely that is fine as well. In our industry, traveling is something that comes with the territory of what we do. Our team constantly has to do meet and greets with clients quite often. In our case, it may be a little easier to reach major brand reward elite statuses versus someone who does not travel that often. 

Why should the individual who travels less miss out on great perks?

We are going to show you step by step how you can get those high-status perks as if you travel on a constant basis.

Best Lifestyle Travel Hacks

When it comes to traveling there are loopholes that you may not know existed and some that the big corporations don’t want you to know about either. Ever go to a hotel or car rental office and see those “VIP” lines that get service first, before you and overhear the special treatment they are getting like room upgrades, free gifts and more? If you are like me and want to travel in style as an important individual in the eyes of where you are staying, which cars you are renting from and even which casino’s you are partying at, we have some information here that is going to blow your mind. By the way, did we mention you will also get a free (yes, free) 4 night vacation to Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas? We are going to provide you a step by step full proof plan from experience to achieve high status tiers at many hotels, car rentals and casino’s through a status matching strategy and most importantly how to obtain that free 4 night stay in Atlantis. Sounds interesting? Let’s get started and jump on the train.

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