Step 18National Car Rental Status Match

Since we just covered the majority of Casinos and hotels, what good would that be if we don’t have a way to get around? Well, we have that covered as well! Going back to using our Hilton Honors Gold Membership to start the Car Rental Status Match Train. Starting with National Car Rentals, we can use our Hilton Honors Gold to match to Executive Elite which is their highest status member level. In order to get the process started and completed is rather easy to do. Head on over to National Car Rental Emerald Club Status Match Page and just following the form on the page by entering your Emerald Club Member information (if you have not signed up yet, now would be a good time to do so before starting this process), submit your proof of status which in this case is our Hilton Honors Gold Card and submit.

It takes about 10 days give or take to receive the confirmation email with your new Emerald Club Executive Elite Kit which you can go ahead and Tour the Executive Elite Isle and when you log into your account you will now show as an National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Elite Member.

Some of the Benefits that Come with National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Elite Member

Once you have completed the status tier match with Hilton Honors Gold and received your National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Elite Member Tier you can start enjoying some of the perks listed below that come with the Emerald Club Executive Elite Membership Level:

National Car Rental Locations Where You Can Use Your Emerald Club Executive Elite Tier Membership

With National Car Rentals ever growing presence, your member benefits can be used at any National Car Rental Office. Emerald Club is recognized in more than 55 countries including North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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