Step 22Avis Car Rental Status Match

Our last car rental status match we are going to focus on is upgrading our membership with Avis by using our Hertz President’s Circle status. If you missed any of the previous steps on how we got to the Hertz President’s Circle Membership Level, please review Step 19 of this Ultimate Status Matching Guide. When you sign up with Avis, you will automatically be enrolled in their lowest level member tier which is called Avis Preferred. One of the main benefits which works great at such a low tier, is the ability to go straight to your car and drive off at Avis Preferred locations around the world. This will save you a countless amount of hours right off the bat.

Avis has Three Higher Tier Levels after Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred Plus Membership Status Match
During our status matching research for Avis, we confirmed that you are able to status match with Avis at their first elite level which is Avis Preferred Plus. Avis President’s Club and Avis Chairman’s Club are invitation only at the moment. To get started with the Avis Preferred Plus status match you will need to email proof of status from a competitor car rental company. In this case, we are going to be using Hertz. You can go ahead and send an email to any of the email addresses that we have compiled:

Here is a sample email you can send over to them with the request for the status match:


I just became a member on the Avis website and I am inquiring to see if there are any status match opportunities available. I have provided my Avis membership number and my personal information along with my status from competing car rental agency:

Avis Wizard Number: #
Competing Car Rental Agency:”
Hertz: President’s Circle (Verification Badge is attached in this message)

Looking forward to your response!


Be sure to attach your Hertz President Circle Card to your email and send. We notice that Avis does take much longer to respond then any other brand that we have gone through so far. If you do not get a response from them after about a week, we recommend to resend and try again. When they do respond, this would be the type of response you would receive (even though we originally sent them the Hertz President’s Circle card in our original email):

Avis Customer Service <>
Sat, Jan 5 2019, 1:59 PM

Hello _________________,

Thank you for contacting Avis Customer Service with your status match inquiry. We will gladly assist you on this matter and thank you for your interest on the Avis Preferred program.

Please provide a scanned copy of your current card/credentials for the Hertz President’s Club showing your status level and that you are a current member with them, and send with your Avis Wizard Number restating your request to

Thank you for choosing Avis. Have a great weekend.


Alley Smith 
Avis Representative | Email Customer Service

Benefits that Come with an Avis Preferred Plus Membership Level

Once you have completed the status tier match with Avis and received confirmation from Avis on your Avis Preferred Plus Membership Tier you can start enjoying some of the perks listed below that come with the Avis Preferred Plus Membership Level:

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